Migration as Superpower!

At My Migrant Mama, we do a lot: Readings, dinners, events, products, festivals, public relations, writing books. To be honest, we also don't know exactly what else is coming. BUT, all our efforts have one big goal: We want to look at migration from a new perspective.

This is how we work on this mission


Our products are designed and implemented by women with a history of migration. In this way, we are trying to contribute to giving the migrant female artist community more visibility.

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Public relations

Do something good and talk about it. Or how did that work again? We want to change the way we look at migration. For us and for everyone who follows. We can only achieve this by being seen and heard. So we welcome every invitation to talk about migration!

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After the work is done, it is also possible to celebrate. We prefer to do that with our My Migrant Mama community. At readings, dinners and festivals, we exchange experiences, support each other and provide insights into the lives of migrant mums and kids.

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Get to know our team:

Portait Melisa


Founder My Migrant Mama

I was born in Lima and migrated with my family to Italy in the 90s, where I grew up. During my bachelor's degree in Rome, I began to turn my passion for migration stories and cultural diversity into my profession. After several years as a community and event manager between Lima and Berlin, I met Manik in Mumbai and I knew that I had found my business partner. We quickly connected over our desire to celebrate migration and in 2018 “My Migrant Mama” was born. Today, we have the honor of accompanying individuals and teams on their journey to recognize the power of cultural diversity.

My appeal to you: Add a book about migration to your book wish list.

Portrait Manik


Founder My Migrant Mama

I grew up in the Taunus Mountains as the daughter of Indian migrants. It was A long journey from a child that a typical German mom wanted to become an activist who founded “My Migrant Mama.” It wasn't until the “Summer of Migration” 2015 and my experience leading educational projects that showed me the beauty of migration for myself and for our society. When I met Melisa, it was love at first sight. Our shared experiences allow us to create a social enterprise with incredible potential for future generations of migrant kids. There is a lot to learn from each other when we understand how we promote diversity.

My appeal to you: Understand that migrants are like fish that fly.


Partnership My Migrant Mama Festival

I am a French mom, author and project assistant in Dresden, with a passion for intercultural exchange.

I simply find it wonderful to learn about other people, countries, languages, cultures and habits about direct relationships, encounters and friendships.

When I discovered the lovely book by Manik and Melisa, I immediately felt like participating in My Migrant Mama.

I am therefore very pleased to be able to celebrate our enriching diversity at the festival!

My appeal to you: Be proud of all your roots!


Content Writer

I live in Hamburg as a second-generation migrant kid. As the daughter of Chinese parents, I grew up at home somewhere between and within two cultures, sometimes less thankful. My mom has always been an incredibly strong woman for me who has so many secrets, stories and courage. When I found the book “My Migrant Mama,” it put into words how much love and empathy I feel for our superstars.
In my spare time, I am involved in the tiger.riots art collective, which actively opposes anti-Asian racism and unites people who have read Asian languages.

My appeal to you: Ask your mom what she experienced when she was your age.


Curator My Migrant Mama Festival

I have been working in festival and event organization for many years. What I like best about it is the community experience: bringing people together to celebrate what they love together. Just like at the My Migrant Mama Festival! My family barely talked about my grandfather's migrant story. His escape from his country of origin Bulgaria was so painful for him that he was unable to pass on anything from his previous life to his children. Together with my dad, we are now exploring his story, cooking up his food and finding new traditions. Thanks also to the wonderful work of Manik and Melisa, I feel that I have found closer to myself and my immigrant identity.

My appeal to you: Be curious and ask questions that no one could ask before you.

Impressions from our book: Mama superstar

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Gezeichnete Migrant Mama aus dem Buch Mama Superstar
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