My Migrant Mama


The honest and eye-opening book event for organizations that want to offer people with or without a history of migration an encouraging and strengthening time. As well as every teacher, language teacher and employee in the area of migration and integration.

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What to expect at the reading

Eleven true stories

Our award-winning book consists of true stories of 11 migrant mums who live in Germany. Among other things, they take us to war-destroyed South Korea, hot India, vibrant Mexico. But above all, the book takes us to the places where the daughters of the migrant mothers grew up: quiet Kelkheim, tidy Stuttgart and multicultural Berlin.

A celebratory Q&A session

In contrast to the current, more problem-focused debate, we celebrate migration and its protagonists with “Mama Superstar”. Every migrant mom is an example of courage, creativity, determination and unconditional love. Let's get started and have a celebratory Q&A session about it.

Your own appeal

After the word comes action. Together, we will design the appeals that will accompany you. They lead you to honest conversations, in a completely new way, with your migrant mums, dads, or friends. They can be cheerful, cheeky, and refreshing, as well as include profound and thought-provoking approaches. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and share lots of aha moments.

Migrant mom and daughter reading

For everyone who wants to get to know Germany and migration from a new perspective.

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The My Migrant Mama Reading is a 90-minute event where you will smile proudly, hope and laugh from the bottom of your heart. We are fans of transparency: Our volunteer work is 700 euros per author.

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After the reading, they said

“It was a great event about strong women, migration and diversity.”

— Georgios Kazilas, CrossCulture spokesperson

Commerzbank's intercultural employee network

“Really — this reading triggers so many things: joy to listen to, goosebumps through moving stories, recognition and recognition of the diverse experiences and lives of migrant families. But above all: Empowerment for the many migrant mamas whose stories and experiences connect them over generations and who are powerful, courageous and loving role models for their children.”

— Olivia Sarma, Project Officer

SABA Educational Scholarship for Migrants/Crespo Foundation

“When different perspectives, talents and experiences come together, it gives us impetus and makes us more powerful.”

— Sabine Schmittroth, member of the Board of Management at

Commerzbank AG

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