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When did you last celebrate being an immigrant? Far too often, we are confronted with unpleasant things in the context of migration. Racism, ostracism, misunderstanding. The Migrant Festival is the place where migration is celebrated unconditionally. Migrant kids and mums tell their stories and talk about what it means to live in at least two cultures all the time.

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The first stage exclusively for female experts with a history of migration


We, people with a history of migration, are people full of willpower. We are brave, creative, combative. We are out-of-box thinkers and, above all, makers. As migrant kids and migrant mamas, we feel the desire to break intergenerational cycles while honoring our history.


We need a safe space that gives us new perspectives. We have created a festival for this purpose, with which we celebrate migrant kids and moms alike! On several consecutive days, we celebrate with readings, good food, speakers worth listening to and exciting artists and exchange ideas on the topic of migration.


The My Migrant Mama Festival took place for the first time in 2019 and was a resounding success! We are currently knee-deep in further migrant projects and can therefore not yet say exactly when the next festival will take place. Sign up to our contact form if you want to stay up to date.

My Migrant Mama Festival

A place to refresh our intergenerational exchange

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