My Migrant Mama


An evening to feel loved, understood and supported. My Migrant Dinner is a series of events exclusively for women with a history of migration who want to meet in a safe space where their story is seen as a superpower. This sense of togetherness that your chosen family gives you.

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My Migrant Dinner is a series!

10 dinners

Ten times a year, we meet for a delicious dinner with a group of experts with a history of migration who, in our opinion, should definitely get to know each other.

10 expertises

Each dinner is dedicated to a subject area or a relevant topic. Founders, journalists, film makers, scientists and more. A boost for the mind and a treat for the stomach.

10 Migrant-Owned Restaurants

Together we discover and fall in love with 10 restaurants owned by Migrants. Each dish will remind us a bit of our immigrant families.

The Migrant Mama Community at Migrant Mama Dinner

“An evening full of inspiring women who represent a mission and support each other in doing so.”

Agnieszka Aksamit, initiator at TLNT&TLNT e.V.

What our guests say

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What our guests say

“I found him very inspiring and diverse. What I particularly liked was that there were such different female founders (both background and topics) and the goodie bag was phenomenal.”

— Dr. Sophie Chung, M.D. CEO & Founder


“We will remember this evening forever: An evening with inspiring women, a great “breath of fresh air” in a stressful everyday life. A warm organization and the feeling of being part of a big family.”

— Anne-Cécile Picardo - Managing Director

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